Amenta, Sacred Places (First World UK 2011) Mix Engineer

Tim Bradford, Drinking Alone (2015) Producer/Engineer

Katherine Calder, Are you my Mother? (2010) String Arranger

The Clics, Black Tie Elevator (2013) String Arranger

Drake, Take Care (World Tour Live) (2013) String Arranger

Drake, Views (OVO, 2016) String Arranger

Emma-Lee, Never Just a Dream (2008) String Arranger

Emma-Lee, Backseat Heroine (2011) String Arranger

Gentleman Reg, Jet Black (Arts and Crafts, 2009) Contributing Engineer

Hank, The Society of Six (TaDa Records, 2008) Mix Engineer

Hank, The Luck of the Singers (Weeping Truckers, 2009) Engineer

HarmonyTrowbridge, Amorophobe (2005) Co-Producer/Engineer

Heavy Filth (TBA) 2015 Producer/Engineer

Hidden Cameras, Age (2015) Engineer

Hill and the Sky Soldiers, Eleven (2012) String Arranger

The Infinity Intention, Under the Water (2011) Producer/Engineer

Immaculate Machine, Fables (Mint, 2007) String Arranger

K-OS, Joyful Rebellion (2004, EMI Music Canada) String Arranger

Kelsey Mcnulty, Thoughts for Small Details (2013) Mix Engineer

Kitchenmusik, Flying in a Wheat Dream (2000) Co-Producer/Engineer

Liz Loughrey, TBA (2015) String Arranger

Merival, Lesson (2019) String Arranger

Metis Fiddler Quartet, The Trade Song (2015) Producer/Engineer

The Miles, Blood on my Blazer (2009) Producer/Engineer

Moonking, Obsession I (One Big Silence, 2012) Engineer

David Myers, Handmade (2015) Mastering Engineer

My Only Day, Almost Home (2003) Co-Producer/Engineer

Lori Nuic, Flaws of Attraction (2015) String Arranger

Ohbijou, Swift Feet for troubling Times (2006) Producer/Engineer/Arranger

Jenny Omnichord, Cities of Gift and Ghost (Label Fantastic 2007) Contributing Producer/Engineer

The Organ, Thieves (Mint Records/604, 2008) Mix Engineer

Our Founders, The Nines (2013) Producer/Engineer

Party Time, What have you Learned? (2009) Mastering Engineer

Polly and the Pockets, Friendships don’t fall Apart (EMI Music Canada 2007) Producer/ Engineer

Slakadelics, The Other Side of Tomorrow (2012, Universal) String Arranger

Spiral Beach, Ball (Sparks/EMI Tommy Boy, 2007) Co-Producer/Engineer

Spiral Beach, The Bonus Disc (Sparks/EMI, 2008) Producer/Engineer

Spiral Beach, The Only Really Thing (Sparks/EMI, Tommy Boy 2009) Producer/Engineer

Suzy Wilde Flame EP (2013) Producer/Engineer

Triple Gangers, 3xG (2012) Producer/Engineer

Triple Gangers, CCMMWF (2013) Producer/Engineer

Triple Gangers, Forcast (2015) Prodcuer/Engineer

Yuka, Giant Insects (2010) Mix Engineer